Know How Is Calling You With Jazz Caller Name Service

Jazz Caller Name Service:

Now Jazz users can know the name of Unknown Callers with Jazz Caller Name Service. Jazz Caller Name Value Added Service addresses the issue of receiving Unknown Calls from Unknown Numbers. With this amazing Service of Jazz Caller Name you can identify the name of the caller before attending the calls through flash SMS even if the number isn’t saved in your contacts. The amazing feature of Jazz Caller Name is that this service doesn’t require internet or any other application to download. This service works on any mobile phone model.

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Know How Is Calling You With Jazz Caller Name Service

Jazz Caller Name Service Activation Code, Service Charges and Details:

No internet connectivity is needed. All Jazz and Warid Prepaid and Postpaid customers can subscribe this service.

Jazz Caller Name Activation Process:

Subscription through Code: Dial *7773#

Subscription through SMS: Send “SUB” to 7773

Jazz Caller Name De-Activation Process:

Un-Subscription through Code: Dial *7773*5#

Un-Subscription through SMS: Send “UNSUB” to 7773

 Jazz Caller Name Service Charges:

Charges for Prepaid Users: Rs. 0.99 include tax per Day

Charges for Postpaid Users: Rs. 35 include tax per Month

Service will be renewed automatically.

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