iPhone 8 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors

iPhone 8 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors:

iPhone 8 Release Date is fast approaching, and we can tell because there are numbers of leak in the form of videos now. It appears to be at the final design stage and ready for mass production. What’s it like? Will the fingerprint sensor still be on the iPhone 8? Your questions about iPhone 8 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors will be answered bellow. 🙂

iPhone 8 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors

iPhone 8 is Apples’s 10th Anniversary smartphone that poised to celebrate 2017 with radical changes. It’s about time, as we’ve not seen a new look in three years of minor upgrades. So prepared to be wowed.

Tim Cook will wave around the all new phone in just a few weeks, according to the all of the Latest iPhone 8 Leaks. But what’s true and what’s hopeful thinking?

We’re sorting through all of the rumors to deliver facts and cut through the far-fetched speculation, from the always-changing release date theories to the all important iPhone 8 Price.

Let’s review every major iPhone 8 Rumor so far:

  • The iPhone 8 Name: the most immediate change is to the name, iPhone 8 is the default name we’re using. but it could be iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Why? This is way bigger than a modest iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus refresh that’s still said to be on the way.
  • Yes, new three iPhone 8 models will be available to choose.

Every iPhone 8 Rumor really gives us a sense that Apple is overhauling its phones with at least one premium design.

iPhone 8 Release Date: iPhone 8 will be release in September 2017 or maybe a bit latter this year. Maybe Apple can do something different too.

iPhone 8 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors

iPhone 8 Price: iPhone 8 Price will be $100 more than normal price and it will be about $649. Current rumors are suggesting that iPhone 8 may cost $1100.

iPhone 8 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors

iPhone 8 Specifications Leaks:

  • 5.8-inches Screen that stretches from edge to edge:
  • No top bezel and home button. it’s all screen:
  • Switching from LCD to an richer AMOLED display:
  • All Screen Designs has no room for physical home button:
  • Instead, an on-screen home button will take place:
  • Biggest Illusion: what happens to Touch-ID fingerprint sensor?
  • 4 Predication for home screen button: i) Touch-ID sensor will be embedded into the screen. ii) It maybe located on the back, like Samsung Galaxy S8. iii) It can be on side sleep/wake button, like Sony Phones. iv) There’s will no fingerprint sensor at all, relying on 3D face unlock.
  • 3D Face Scanning Sensor, face unlock is a new way to bypass lock screen:
  • 3 Sensor maybe more secure then Samsung Galaxy S8:
  • Maybe the one way to unlock your phone:
  • iPhone 8 Camera and AR features: vertically oriented dual lens camera:
  • Augmented reality features:
  • 3D cameras: Cameras will be highly upgraded from iPhone 7, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.
  • iPhone 8 Glass Design and Wireless Charging: goodbye aluminium, hello again Glass:
  • Glass enabled would Wireless Charging in iPhone 8:
  • iPhone 8 Colors: 4 iPhone 8 colors could be included:
  • Blush Gold could be new color option:
  • White color is also in rumors:
  • Return of Black and Rose Gold is expected:
  • iPhone 8 Battery Life and USB-C Rumors: more battery life via bigger capacity and OLED Screen:
  • Fast charging in addition to wireless charging:
  • USB-C could replace lightning cables:
  • Other iPhone 8 Specs: a tiny but 10nm All fusion chipset:
  • 3GB of RAM:
  • 64GB and 256GB of internal storage option:
  • New iPhone 8 will come with iOS 11 that has great and amazing features in this gradation.

Is iPhone 8 More waterproof? The last major iPhone 8 design is that new iPhone 8 could be more waterproof. It may jump from IP67 to IP68.

Updated: August 17, 2017 — 7:58 am

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